The 2012  edition of The Diversity Project was held at the Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center in Bali, Indonesia.

Name: Akela Kuwahara

University: Humboldt State University (BS) UCSF (PhD)
Major: Biology (BS), Developmental and Stem Cell Biology (PhD)

Project Title:

Comments on The Diversity Project: “The Diversity Project is an amazing opportunity to experience the value of collaborative, large-scale research. During my time in Bali, Indonesia as a Diversity Project student, I gained technical skills of sample collection and processing, species identification, and scientific diving.  I also developed a strong appreciation for international collaboration and the beauty of the marine world, and I gained lifelong mentors who are experts in the field. The experience made me excited and awed by science and inspired me to pursue a graduate degree. Although I am no longer involved in marine biology research, I credit the Diversity Project for giving me the ability to think about scientific questions in a unique and innovative way.”

Where is she now? Akela graduated from Humboldt State University in 2012. After graduating I spent one year as a research technician at a stem cell biology lab at Sanford University as a research fellow through the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine. She earned her PhD student at the University of California San Francisco in the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology PhD program, and is now a Research Scientist at Gordian Biotechnology.

Name: Chloe Henderson

University: Brown University
Major: Biology

Project Title: Redefining Species Dispersal Boundaries of Siganus fuscescens in the Coral Triangle

Comments on The Diversity Project: “The mentoring I received as a Diversity Project intern was invaluable. The mentors are leaders and experts in their field. They are dedicated to helping the interns pursue their goals—supporting them far after the program ends. This experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in an international scientific project, work abroad in a structured program, and to gain skills in scientific methods and project design. I gained experience in the laboratory and the field that helped me become more competitive both for graduate study and the job market.”

Where is he now? Chloe is currently a Lab Tech in Dr. Paul Barber’s lab at UCLA. She served a a Peer Mentor for The Diversity Project in 2016.

Name: Danielle Macedo

University: Texas A&M University (BS, MS)
Major: Biology, Genetics (BS), Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences (MS)

Project Title:

Comments on The Diversity Project: “The Diversity Project was a great opportunity to learn more about research, particularly in the field of molecular ecology, and conservation. It gave me a glimpse into conducting independent research and helped me become a better field researcher. Interacting with scientists from different institutions was a valuable learning experience, as was collaborating with Indonesian students. This experience solidified my interest in marine sciences and conservation genetics and helped me make the decision to pursue graduate school. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in learning more about marine biology and conservation.”

Where is she now?  Danielle earned her MSc in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M, where she studies population genetics of the blue crab in the Gulf of Mexico. She is currently Wildlife Biologist at Blanton & Associates.