Field Videos

Interested in seeing what it’s like to participated in The Diversity Project? Watch  the videos below to immerse yourself in our program.


Hear alumni of The Diversity Project discuss their experience in the program.

In 2013, after leaving the warm waters of Indonesia, we explored the kelp forests of Catalina Island.

2014 saw The Diversity Project go to Mo’orea, French Polynesia. This video documents the AAUS Scientific Diving course and show the amazing underwater world of Mo’orea.

After leaving Mo’orea in 2014, we finished the program at Catalina Island so see a different kind of marine environment.

2015 saw our largest ever group of students in The Diversity Project. From the field in Mo’orea to the lab at UCLA, we had an amazing and productive summer.

In 2016  The Diversity Project returned to the GUMP Marine Station in Mo’orea, French Polynesia. We had an amazing time and produced some amazing research.


2017 was a great summer of research in Mo’orea, and it was exciting to share our students accomplishments with their parents back in Los Angeles!

2018 marked the 15th conservative year of The Diversity Project. From SCUBA training in San Diego to long days of research in Mo’orea, our students accomplished a lot and will be sharing their results at the 2019 Ocean Science Conference.